Highlights from our expedition to SaaStock event in Krakow

updated on 04 March 2024

Last week, we had the distinct privilege of being invited to the SaaStock Local event in the quaint, picturesque city of Krakow. This city, not just steeped in rich history and culture, also boasts a thriving startup community that left us completely enthralled.

Ivan talking about 
Ivan talking about 

Our journey began with Ivan Homola, our in-house growth hacking maestro, sharing his wealth of knowledge. For those unfamiliar with the term, growth hacking represents a mindset, the pursuit of creative and alternative ways to expedite business growth, or as Ivan puts it, looking for shortcuts and "hacks".

His explanation took us on a journey through 3 growth hacks he has had immense success with, and that set the tone for a riveting discussion.

The first on this list was Lifetime Deals

These are time-limited marketing campaigns where you offer your SaaS product for a one-time payment, as opposed to a subscription.

This method is a remarkable way to:

  1. Generate immediate cash flow.
  2. Receive valuable feedback from paying customers.
  3.  Let others to market your product.

It's an effective catalyst to get your project off the ground and running. The practical and lucrative aspect of this strategy evoked a lot of interest from the participants.

Next up - Programmatic SEO

A genius strategy for creating dozens, even hundreds or thousands, of landing pages based on frequently searched long-tail keywords.

Imagine tailoring your pages to what users are actively searching for.

For instance, creating pages for 'lead generation for [someone]' or 'top 10 places to visit in [country]', based on user searches. This method increases the probability of your site popping up in search results, giving your business exposure to an interested audience.

Last but certainly not least was Product as Marketing

Ivan spoke about designing tiny, FREE tools to fulfill your audience's needs. It's like reading their minds, finding out what they are searching for, and delivering just that!

Some of the great examples included creating things like a 'template for [something]' or an 'AI tool for [something]'.

The beauty of these tools is that they help attract visitors, garner backlinks, and generate leads.

And the best part? You don't need to spend a fortune outsourcing it to developers - FoxyApps, our no-code lead magnet builder, has you covered.

Our learning journey didn't end there.

Bo, another esteemed member of our team, shared his insights from building a successful, profitable, cash-generating business.

Bo sharing his startup journey
Bo sharing his startup journey

Perhaps the most resonating point Bohuš made was about solutions and their frequency of need.

It may sound obvious, but developing a solution for a frequently occurring problem is more impactful than creating one for a problem that only crops up once in a blue moon. A lesson we all, including Bohuš himself, took home that day.

The event, a brainchild of the amazing Kinga Edwards, was not just about gaining insights but also provided ample opportunities for networking and establishing connections.

From meeting old friends, and making new ones, to drinking Wísniówka (traditional Polish alcohol), every moment at the event was memorable.

Tasting traditional Polish alcohol
Tasting traditional Polish alcohol

Lastly, a huge shout-out to the Krakow startup community.

You've left us inspired and eager for the next event. To everyone we met and interacted with, thank you for the warmth and camaraderie. And to those who couldn't make it this time - we hope to see you soon!

Krakow, you've been amazing ❤ Until next time!