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The Startup studio growing ambitious ideas into useful SaaS business solutions.

Founder's journey to success

Building a startup ain't easy

We don’t risk it all hoping to build unicorns.
We build profitable healthy bootstrapped SaaS businesses.

What are the odds to succeed?

  • 5%
    for a VC backed first-time founder
  • 15%
    for a 2nd time bootstrapped founder
  • 30%
    for a founder in SaaS Garden

We've got your back!

As The SaaS Garden founders, we will work closely with you and get our hands dirty as well. 

  • Bohumil Pokstefl
    Bohumil Pokstefl
    Bizz Co-founder

    Forbes 30under30
    Exited CEO and Co-Owner of Kontentino

    The fastest-growing tech company in CEE.

    Talent acquisition & leadership GTM strategies
    Scaling team and business

  • Ivan Homola
    Ivan Homola
    Tech Co-founder

    Tech Indie Hacker
    Founded and led 11 people in a dev agency, co-owner of growth hacking agency Tetriz.io .


    Idea Validation, Prototyping, Growth Hacking, Product Market Fit, Rapid Pivoting

Preview of your journey in SaaS Garden

You will get hands-on with these activities and learn the best practices to become an excellent business builder.

  • 1

    0-3 months (Idea validation)


    Define the persona's problem and draft a solution (MVP).

    Talk to customers to validate the value proposition.

    Create go to market strategy

    Acquire the first paying customers.

    Aim for €300 Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR).

    Receive a scholarship of €1000/mo.

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  • 2

    3-6 months (Product-market fit)

    Focus on acquisition.

    Experiment with new marketing channels.

    Optimise for high LTV:CAC ratio.

    Find product market fit.

    Aim for €2K MRR.

    Increase your salary to €2000/mo.

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  • 3

    6-12 months (Product led growth)

    .Build a core team.

    Focus on the product. Prioritize the development of new features.

    Create a customer success team.

    Product-led growth (create growth loops and product virality).

    Aim for €30K MRR.

    Get a yearly performance bonus and 10% equity.

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  • 4

    1+ year

    Aim to €1M ARR.

    Get generous profit share bonuses.

    Get up to 30% of the equity.

    If the company exits, your team gets 50% - 80% of the equity.

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No business idea? No problem.
If you're selected for the studio, that means your entrepreneurial potential goes beyond just having an idea.

Why grow in our SaaS Garden

We provide young entrepreneurial talent the opportunity to build a successful SaaS business.

  • Get experience

    • Work side to side with experienced founders.
    • Get Playbooks and Frameworks.
    • Freedom and self-actualisation to build something big.
  • Get wealthy

    • Generous profit share.
    • Equity vesting.
    • Pocket money €1000/mo increased by bringing MRR
    • Performance bonuses based on results.
  • Get the product out

    • Studio builds the product (we cover the costs)
    • Get product & design advisory from top experts
    • Get the tools needed for building a successful SaaS

Life at Garden's co-work

The place where young entrepreneurs share their stories and help each other

Apply for SaaS Garden

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